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YESCO Media Services is pleased to announce the completion of our new WEBSTORE.  If you have been with YESCO for awhile, you will remember the old webstore and the hundreds of graphics for LED signs and HDTV displays.  We had over 100 generic animation, more then 200 images, and alot of 3D models.  Many of the items on the old site were for instant download, but not all.  The Google Wallet checkout system was a fast, secure, and easy way of making online purchases.  With your help, we have learned what works, and we have listened to your suggestions.  In the new webstore, we have brought our large library of digital media, added some new content, and implemented some amazing features.

Feature #1: The Checkout Cart

Google Wallet worked great, but it limited our digital download options to only at a time.  This made it time consuming to purchase alot of items.  In an effort to shorten the time shopping and speed up the process of getting content to your sign, we have switched over to a PayPal checkout.  This does not require an account (though you can set one up, or use an existing PayPal account) and it gives us a shopping cart.  Now you can add multiple items to your cart and then checkout.

Feature #2: Instant Download

This was a huge undertaking, but we are excited to make it happen.  With advancements in the Internet, and the new PayPal checkout, you can instant download any of our digital media and 3D Models.  After you purchase the item, you will see a list with links of your purchase.  Simply right click on the link and save the file anywhere on your computer.  No more waiting for an email to download.

Feature #3: Monthly Articles

Just like this article you reading right now, there will be additional articles every month explaining LED signs, creating content for LED signs, and more.  These will be free to read and help people understand the outdoor advertising world.  Each article will take a in-depth look into how LED signs work and the best practices regarding content for LED signs.  We will talk about graphic design, and help you learn the basics of being an artist.  The articles will also explain LED sign operation and scheduling, and hopefully clarify some of the features that can be confusing.

Feature #4: A New Look

The  new webstore also comes with a bold new look.  Tablet and Smart phone friendly the new look uses a more icon rich navigation.

Media Request Button1 Media Request: This icon will take you to the Media Request page were you can request a custom message from on of our professional graphic artists.

Images Button1 Still Images: This icon refers to our library of still media.  Here you will find generic messages and background images for LED signs and HDTV’s.

Animation Button1 Animations: This icon is for generic and background animations for LED signs and HDTV’s. Choose and instantly download from more then a hundred animated messages.

3D Models Button1 3D Models: For Corel’s MotionStudio 3D software.  There are 3D text templates, sports models, and more ranging from complex to simple.

We hope you enjoy the new webstore and have fun browsing the hundreds of items.  As always we would love to get your input and suggestions.  Please email mediaservices@yesco.com with any ideas or questions.



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