VideoStudio x5 is a powerful video editing software with HD capture, Multi-Trim Video, Advanced editing, and enhanced export capabilities. Fast and easy to use with a 1-2-3 interface. The smart proxy allows you to work fast at low resolution and render at a higher resolution. VideoStudio has unique effects for creating great videos. Great text effects that are easy to add to any project. Import projects from MotionStudio 3D and add them seamlessly into your video. Learn more about the software in an Online Training.


Video Capture

Smart Proxy for fast production

HD Capable


Pre-loaded effects

Text animation

Video Effects

Export as .wmv or .avi for LED signs

Import most video formats

Import most image formats

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7

1GB RAM minimum

3GB of free hard drive space

Minimum display resolution 1024×768

Internet connections for tutorials


How do I set up my Project?
Under Settings select Project Properties.  Make the Edit file format to be Microsoft AVI files, and click Edit. Go to the General tab and set your frame size to match your LED signs matrix (pixel width and height)

How do I import a video or image?
Click the browse button in your library.  You can also drag and drop most files into your library from an open folder.

What are the different panels and windows?
The different panels and windows are there for you to use to create videos.  Learn more on our blog.

How do I change the background color?
Click the Graphics button to bring up the color option.  

How do I make an animation?
You will need images or video to use in the animation. Bring these in at your sign size. You can put text in the animation and have different transitions simply by using the tools inside VideoStudio.