Recorded Trainings

YESCO Media Services offers support for the different software used with LED signs.  You can watch the recorded online training’s found here to get an overview of the software and learn how they work.  For the latest releases there is additional training found for Prismview, PaintShop Pro, MotionStudio 3D, and VideoStudio.  If you have questions or need assistance with certain aspects of the software you can contact YESCO Media Services at: or call us at 1-866-98-YESCO.

Getting Started

Prismview Live Demo


Legacy Software

The software changes over time and different features are added.  Be sure to choose the software you have with your LED sign before watching.  The software version number for Prismview can be found in the bottom right of the Display tab.

Prismview 8x


Prismview XP mini

Cool 3D

Prismview v7 Legacy