Prismview v9

Prismview v9

Prismview is the software that communicates with your computer and the sign(s).  Capable of scheduling content, creating basic messages, and dynamic data images. Prismview is a great program for setting up messages that you have created in MotionStudio 3D, VideoStudio , PaintShop Pro, and other programs you use.  It accepts .jpg .bmp and .png files for a still image.  These can be used as backgrounds and text added and edited in a “New Animation.”  The New Animation is like a PowerPoint presentation with multiple frames, text, and some simple transitions. If your city allows animation than you can use .wmv and .avi (uncompressed) files. You can place animation directly into a schedule or have them play in the background of a New Animation.  To learn more about the Prismview Software register for an Online Training


Display Group Box
Content Library
Play list scheduling
Update all or selected display buttons
View Display
New Animation message editor
List scheduling
Dynamic Image editor
Import Background
Animated Backgrounds
Delayed Text
Four types of Schedules
Instant Play feature for Stadiums
Proof of Performance
Third Party Advertising tools

Content Info:

Still image file formats:

Animation/Video file formats:
.avi (uncompressed)


Windows XP,  7
50MB hard disk space

.DD2 functionality:
internet connection out at the sign.


Play list scheduling

You can easily add any number of messages you want scheduled to play on your sign into the Play List.  Simply drag and drop content from the Content Library into the blue area. Edit the Play List’s operating hours to change how long the Play List runs.

The Display Tab

Updating your sign

Whenever you want to send an update to your sign, go to the Display Tab and click one of the update buttons.  If you only have one sign, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.  If you have multiple signs, select the sign you want to update in the Group Box and then click the Update Selected button.


Making messages in Prismview

While you can import content into Prismview from other programs, you can also make simple messages using the built-in editors.  The New Animation button lets you make “power-point” like messages with multiple frames, text, images, and transitions. You can use the Dynamic Image editor to make Time and Temp messages, RSS feeds, and more. (Note: most Dynamic Image messages require the internet).

The Content Tab

The Preview box

Use the Preview box to watch animations, view images, and content created inside Prismview before sending them out to the sign. Click Play and Stop with animated files.


How do I know what version of Prismview I have?
The version name is located in the upper left corner.
The version number is located at the bottom ~center

How do I make a really simple message for my sign using Prismview?
The New Animation button located under the content tab is a really simple message editor.  Learn more on our blog or take an online training. Click Here.

How do I bring content into Prismview?
Simply drag and drop any compatible file into your “content” library on the left side of the screen. Click Here.

What is my sign matrix?
When you create a New Animation there will be a window that pops-up.  Your Pixel width and height is located in the format box.

How do I set up a Proof of Performance?
First you will need to activate the Proof of Performance menus under the Content Tab… Click Here for more.

Were is my Schedule Tab?
Prismview is default to use the extra simple interface.  To change this deselect the option under the configure tab and client settings

What is Dynamic Data?
Dynamic Data is a way of getting information off the internet and putting it on your LED sign/HDtv. Learn more.


(July 16, 2013) Microsoft’s latest Windows update has created an issue with .wmv files, placing a black bar on top of the video.  This is a windows update issue, the best way to fix this is remove the update. For Windows XP computers : kb2834904 and Windows 7 : kb2803821. Contact or call 1-800-741-6721 for assistance.