Prismview v11

Prismview v11

Prismview is the software that controls most YESCO signs.  With a powerful scheduling tool, fast and easy content creation, Prismview is perfect for all types of signs.  Capable of scheduling content on several displays, the new folder system helps you keep all your content organized.  Bring content into Prismview from outside sources like PhotoShop, PaintShop, and other photo editing and animation programs.  If your sign is connected to the internet, use the Dynamic Data editor to post news updates, linked content from your website, and more. For simple message creation, the New Animation allows you to quickly put together a message with images, text, and simple transitional animations. To learn more about this and other software supported by YESCO Media Services, register for a LIVE Online Training.


Display Group Box
Content Library
Play list Scheduling
Update all or selected
display buttons
View Display
New Animation editor
List Scheduling
Dynamic Image editor
Web Page Play
Instant Play Feature
Proof of Performance
Third Party Advertising


File formats for Still Image:

File formats for video:
uncompressed .avi


Windows 7, 8
50MB Hard Disk Space

.dd2 functions require a constant internet connection.


Play list scheduling
You can easily add any number of messages you want scheduled to play on your sign into the Play List.  Simply drag and drop content from the Content Library into the blue area. Edit the Play List’s operating hours to change how long the Play List runs.

The Display Tab


New Animation
Quickly edit images/videos and add text to fit your Electronic Message Center (EMC).  Use the Import Graphic option to re-size images/videos to match your EMC’s aspect ratio. Add multiple layers of text for different fonts and colors in your message.

Dynamic Content
For a more advanced and creative message, you can access information and content from the internet to display on your EMC.  Display RSS feeds, web images, videos, and XML/HTML data such as weather forecast, stock quotes, and more.

The Content Tab


How do I make a really simple message for my sign using Prismview?
It is really easy to make a simple text message for you sign using the New Animation Editor.  You can add multiple frames, layered text, and use some simple transition animations.

How do I bring content into Prismview?
Simply drag and drop properly sized and acceptable file formats into the Content Library.

What is the Web Page Play button?
For people with high internet speeds, this button allows you to display internet images and videos on your sign.  

What is Dynamic Data?
Dynamic Data is a way of getting information off the internet and putting it on your LED sign/HDtv. Learn more.