Paintshop Pro

Paintshop Pro x4 is a photo editing program that allows you to resize, adjust, and create images for your LED sign. Paintshop Pro is a Corel product that we send out with LED signs for the purpose of creating backgrounds.  Re-sizing images to fit you sign aspect ratio to prevent distortion.  Cropping photos to get the best view, or part of the image.  Paintshop Pro can also be used to edit photos brightness and contrast, levels of color, saturation, etc.  There are several tools like the “red eye remover” tool and blur, smudge, and clone tools that can be used to edit photos.  You can also put text on top of photos/images.  There are several path objects and lines with arrows available also.  To learn more about PhotoImpact register for an online training.

Selection Tool
Path objects
Manual editing
Paint brush styles
Clone Brush
Fill/Gradient tool
Photo Effects
Export jpg, bmp, png, gif, etc…
Easy Pallet
Photo Effects
For Windows 8 users, you will need to download a patch from
Click here to download.
How do I save my project as a .jpg?
File > Save As > Save As format: JPG.  This will save you project as a .jpg but all you layers will be merged into the base image making only one layer.  To keep the layers separate save your project as a .UFO

How do I remove the background from an image?
Use the “magic wand” selection tool to select the background color.  Adjust the tolerance select less or more.  

How do I re-size a photo so it fits my LED sign?
There are several ways of re-sizing and cropping images in Paintshop Pro.  The fastest way is to use the “crop” tool

Is there a way to change the color of an image?
The change the color of a image change the hue.  This can be done in the Edit tab.

How can I select just my Logo?
Use the “magic wand” selection tool.  This will grab the select color.  You can adjust the tolerance to get a larger selection.