MotionStudio 3D

MotionStudio 3D is a Corel product.  MotionStudio is used for creating and animating 3D object, text, and backgrounds.  The MotionStudio is an upgrade to older version Cool 3D.  The Easy Pallet is full of preset models, animations and backgrounds.  Visit our webstore for .uez files that can be imported and used in MotionStudio and Cool 3D.  Apply Textures to objects to make them look more realistic.  Convert you logo into a 3D object you can animate.  Render several video formats including .AVI and .WMV for use in Prismview.  To learn more about MotionStudio 3D register for an online training.


3D Movement of Objects and Text

Group Box

Attribute Panel for Color, Texture, etc…

Easy Palette full of pre-made models


Timeline animations




Lathe Object

Insert Graphics as a 3D object


and more…

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7

1GB free hard drive space

2GB RAM recommended


How do I setup my project for use on my sign?
Go Project>Deminsions>Pixel width/hieght>Ok
You will also change the Frames Per Second (FPS) to be at 30.  This will mean 90frames = 3seconds.

How do I make a simple animation in MotionStudio?
MotionStudio 3D makes animation easy with the timeline. To animate add key frames on the timeline by moving the red slider along the timeline and moving an object….

How can I bring my Logo into MotionStudio 3D?
First make your logo a black and white .jpg file. Then use the “insert graphic” tool to make it a vector.

How do I save my project as a .wmv?
You will need to create a render profile. Once you create the profile it is a simple matter of selecting the profile as your render settings. Watch the video to learn how to setup a render profile.

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