The Power of Professional Graphics

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What are the advantages of having Professional Graphics?

-They are actually cost effective

For the time you spend creating content, you are away from your job, and as we all know, time is money.

- Professionals have the experience

Professionals, in any field, are the best at what they do, becuase they do it every day.  While you might be able to do the job, the professional can get the job done faster and better.

- Customer impact

Most people are visual learners. When you have a visually impressive graphic, people will look at it. Professional graphics get results other graphics simply can’t compete with.

- Compare, and see the difference

While most people can make a basic graphic, if you want your sign to stand out, and be attractive, you will need professional looking graphics.

So how does one get professional graphics?

One way is to learn graphic design on your own.  This takes time, and don’t expect to be the next Picasso overnight.  Graphic art is a professional degree at most major colleges and universities. The amount of skill needed to create a graphic may seem simple, but it takes time, knowledge, and experience.

The fastest, easiest and, from a business standpoint, the most practical way is to hire a professional graphic artist.  This can be confusing, after all, graphic artist come from all different types of backgrounds.  Graphic artists are used in TV, print, outdoor, and web advertising.  While all graphic artists can create content, not all are experienced in creating content for outdoor advertising.  LED signs have a smaller pixel aspect ratio compared to print, and the amount of information you can put on a billboard is minimal compared to TV advertising.  Whatever you decide, be sure to provide the artist with your LED display’s pixel dimensions,as this is key to creating good content.

YESCO Media Services offers their expert services in outdoor advertising and digital media. When you choose Media Services, you get an entire graphic artist team with the experience and know-how to make your LED display shine. While you are not limited to just using our graphic artist team, if you choose to do the graphics on your own, or choose another professional, here are some important tips and industry standards used in outdoor advertising.

- Make your text as large and bold as possible.  LED signs are viewed from a distance, sometimes miles away.  If you put small text on the sign, no one will be able to read it.

- Render out all your work before sending it out to the sign.  For example, don’t send layered or vector files out to the sign.  Send a flattened jpeg or a rendered wmv.

- Build and save your project at the LED display ratio.  If the LED sign is long and narrow and you put a square or standard HD graphic on it, the image will be squashed.

- Unlike print, digital media have no specific DPI, so save space on the computer and use a low 72 dpi.  (DPI is a print media term meaning Dots Per Inch).

– Unless you are a major sports team or a very large casino, you do not have an HD TV.  Most outdoor advertising is considered lower than SD, or smaller than that old tube television. The closest resemblance is web design.  The ads on a website are smaller than a full screen advertisement on TV or those you read in a magazine.

For questions or to learn more about subscribing to Media Services, contact us at or 1-866-989-3726.

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