Multi Tenant Retail Success Story

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I am the property manager of Rockbrook Village Shopping Center at the southwest corner of 108th and Center Street in Omaha, Nebraska.  Rockbrook Village was originally built in 1965 and over the years has expanded into 14 buildings and over 70 plus merchants at any given time.

The issue with a large shopping center with 70 plus merchants is how to adequately provide each merchant with the opportunity to advertise their business while at the same time complying with city sign ordinances and square footage restriction on the total amount of signage you are allowed to have.  A sign that was designed in 1965 in terms of site lines and speed of vehicles has obviously changed in the past 50 years.   The older static image signs were not very effective anymore and had a fixed number of spaces available.

We began investigating LED signs in 2006 and worked with YESCO Electronics to develop a design and “image cycle” that would work for our needs.  In addition, YESCO brought in a sign on a truck that we were able to view from a distance and get feedback from our merchants on as well.  With their help we were able to pre-lease the slots on the sign while at the same time quadrupling the number of merchants that are able to advertise on the sign.  The signs are extremely easy to operate and any issues we have had have been quickly fixed.

We are presently working on another development in Papillion, Nebraska and are going to incorporate the same YESCO LED signs into that monument sign.

Zachary Daub
Property Manager
Rockbrook Village Shopping Center

I am the Property Manager and one of the Owners of the Meadowlark Shopping Center at the southeast corner of 6th Avenue & Garrison in Lakewood Colorado. We have owned this center since 1999. We faced severe challenges in leasing this center in the early 2000’s as over two million square feet of new retail was added within five mile radius. The property had been given a major facelift, but we found that remodeling it was not enough.

In 2004 we purchased a red, monochrome LED message center from YESCO Electronics to place along the highway to help with additional visibility for our tenants. Up to this point, we had only traditional static multi-tenant signs, where all my tenants were represented simultaneously in fairly small, unreadable copy. The message center has allowed me to give more visibility to each individual tenant by allotting them a block of time on the sign where they are the only tenant displayed. This sign was a major part of resurrecting our Center as it immediately gave confidence to the tenants that we still had, and it became a major tool for us in marketing to future tenants.

We enjoyed the message center so much that in 2008 we replace our corner monument sign with a full color message center to help our tenants be more visible to local traffic. The combination of the two signs had been incredible for us and our tenants. By the middle of 2008 we had only one vacancy remaining and the increase in traffic was quite dramatic. I credit a major part of the turnaround at Meadowlark Center over the last few years to the additional visibility these signs have given us. We also just added a full color message center to a shopping center we own in Kansas to assist in reviving a property that has long been forgotten. I know that the sign will change the local perception immediately.

YESCO has made operating these signs easy. We control the content from an off-site office. The prismview software was easy to learn and YESCO’s service personnel have been quick to respond to the few issues that have come up. I already have three of YESCO’s signs and I am sure that I will be purchasing more of them soon.

Brad Barber
Property Manage
TDW Properties, LLC


Adding a a message center to any multi tenant retail facility is a surefire way to increase foot traffic and customer perception of the businesses located with in the facility. YESCO Electronics has many purchase options available we can even provide leasing options for the end user. For more info or assistance with a multi tenant retail project please contact us.


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