MotionStudio 3D Basics

MotionStudio 3D is a great animation program that lets you work in a 3Dimensional environment.  This means there are 3 axis that you will work with.  X and Y are your basic up and down, back and forth.  Z is for the 3D effect of closer, and away from the camera.

To navigate this 3D world there are three tools that allow you to move, rotate, and scale objects. These are located in the Transform Toolbar.

The Hand tool moves objects on the x,y, and z axis.  To move an object on the z axis right click on the mouse. The Rotate tool will rotate your object on the 3 axis planes, again to rotate on the z axis right click with the mouse.  The Scale tool is used to make an object larger or smaller.  The object will be stretched on the axis your mouse is moving on or you can hold the Shift key on the keyboard to keep the aspect ratio.  The Shift key will hold on one axis while you move your mouse to scale, rotate or move.

The Project Window is where you will do the animations, and work with the object(s).  Be sure to make your canvas the same pixel width and height of your LED sign.  This will prevent distortion of the video out at the sign and help things run smoothly.

The Navigation Panel works with the timeline to play the animation. The animation will preview in the project window and you can have it loop or repeat the animation.  MotionStudio 3D is also capable of creating a stereoscopy 3D video, the kind where you where Red and Blue 3D glasses.  This feature isn’t recommended for use on LED signs.

To help with the creation of content MotionStudio 3D has an Easy Palette filled with pre-set models, animations, textures, and other effects and styles.  The Easy Palette has thumbnails for the different options that give you a preview of the model and animations.

To edit any object in your project you will use the Attribute Panel. Here you can change the color of a object.  Add a image or video texture.  Bevel an object or text object. Change the background to have a video playing.  The Easy Palette and the Attribute Panel are linked through the View Thumbnails button.  Click the View Thumbnails button to open the Easy Palette’s  content for Color, Texture, Bevels, and more.

When exporting from MotionStudio 3D be sure to use a file type that can be used in Prismview.  Files used by Prismview are: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .wmv, .avi(uncompressed).

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