When building our new store we spent a fair amount of time researching options for electronic signs.  YESCO Electronics offered the best product at the best price.

The Tech Support folks at YESCO are incredibly helpful.  Any question or concern is answered directly and they are more then willing to assist in any way I’ve requested.

Electronic Signs were completely foreign to us, however YESCO Electronics personnel were always available when we called and able to help with any questions we had, and the online training site is tremendous, showing us things we didn’t even know we wanted to do.

Darcy Barrows
Steve’s Appliance Services & Sales

The Norris-Penrose Event Center is very happy with our new acquisition of the EMC sign from YESCO. The power of digital signage is incredible. Although, due to local restrictions we have to keep our messaging static, the effectiveness of the EMC has been truly remarkable. It not only has become an additional revenue source for the facility in the form of increased sponsorship’s but has created new and unexpected efficiencies. We no longer receive the multitudes of phone calls regarding our event schedules allowing me and my office staff to work on productive endeavors. Additionally we are seeing larger participation in our events specifically those that are not marketed. I attribute these increases to the sign.

We have wanted and needed a sign like this for a long time and we are very thankful to YESCO for working so diligently on the variances and jumping through hoops to meet the tough deadlines.

You came through for us and we are eternally grateful!

Johnny Walker
General Manager
Norris-Penrose Event Center


We’re presently going through a $4 million dollar renovation of the facility, and I believe that most of that is because of having our electronic sign on our premises, where over 350,000 cars each day see them from the freeway.

Most recently, on November 11, 2011, we replaced a message center that had been installed in 2003. During those eight years we saw our income from the clinic and adoptions actually double. We went from earning $1.5 million annually to more than $3 million per year. Since the brand new sign was put in place last November, we’ve seen our income in the first two months of 2012 rise by 30% compared to January and February 2011.

I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to see an increase in business and profits should install an electronic message center from YESCO Electronics. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to thrive in an economy that has still not completely recovered from the recession. You’ve made a tremendous positive difference for us.”

Gene Baierschmidt
Executive Director
Humane Society of Utah


Scioto Downs is very pleased with the YESCO Electronics and Kessler Sign company Pylon sign and display. The sign catches your eye upon arrival to the property and provides Scioto Downs with an outstanding source of advertising.”

Troy Buswell
Vice President
Scioto Downs & Casino


At one location in Denver, my YESCO electronic sign has been in operation for about five years and from the first day it was installed this restaurant began having dramatic sales gains over previous sales. The sales gains I would attribute to the installation of this sign would be almost $200,000 (16%) annually.”

“We installed a new full color sign and message unit at a restaurant on West Colfax in Lakewood where they allow a message change every five seconds. The restaurant, which has been there for over twenty years immediately after installation achieved sales gains of fifteen percent or more which I attribute directly to the new (electronic) sign.”

“I truly believe that these new electronic units have a dramatic effect on sales.”

Nick Kraft
Burger King Franchisee


The electronic signs already have had a significant impact in the first few months since we installed them. Our tenants love the signs and they are quickly realizing how powerful they can be in driving sales and marketing. All of our tenants have reported higher sales figures this holiday season than the year prior.”

Casey Jackson
Marketing Coordinator
Denver Pavilions
(downtown Denver shopping & entertainment center)


YESCO Electronics has made operating these signs easy. We control the content from an off-site office. The PrismView software was easy to learn and YESCO personnel have been quick to respond to the few issues that have come up. I already have three YESCO Electronics displays and I am sure I will be purchasing more of them soon.”

Brad Barber
Owner and Property Manager
TWD Properties, Denver


It rocks, we like it, tenants do also, if we had more centers I would ask you to install one at each one.”

Ronald Harris
Senior Vice President Investments
Marcus and Millichap
(owner of Broadridge Shopping Center in Littleton, CO)

The new display gives our individual dealers more visibility by allotting each of them, individually, a block of time on the sign.”

Joe Gambino
President of the Avondale Auto Mall Dealers Association
Avondale, AZ






In 2000, we installed a 7 x 64 matrix, approx. 4’ tall x 36.5’ wide, 48” tall character, one line message center at our Flying J location in Williams, Iowa. It was a big bulb unit, and was essentially a large one-line monochrome message center. (See ‘Before’ photo above). The main disadvantage of this was that it was difficult to communicate a message to drivers. The message had to move very quickly across the sign. You were by the exit before even half of the message would move across it. This was largely ineffective.

In 2009, we replaced this sign with a more rectangular (11’1” x 18’) full-color message center from YESCO Electronics. (See ‘After’ photo above.) We were looking for increased visibility given our proximity to the roadway. One of the things we wanted was for someone to recognize a logo or an image, instead of just reading the words.

The new sign showed images, allowing us to communicate more information in a shorter period of time. Plus, the changing images helped attract eyeballs to the sign.

We found it was important to be able to display a complete static message. Even if a driver couldn’t fully read everything on screen, at least they’d have their eyes drawn to the sign.

Our old sign was quite bright both day and night. This was a problem, because at night it was harder to read. The new sign was more than bright enough in the daytime, but dimmed so it was readable at night.

The new YESCO full-color message center brought the ‘WOW’ factor to our store. The images really did pop. Now we could put logos of Doritos or Lays on the sign, and people would recognize this. Now people could actually see a ‘2 for 1’ item.

We found that messages were more palatable with color. We would experiment around with different colored backgrounds, and different items did sell better depending on the color we put up. Color drove buying behavior.

We found we really needed additional inventory of items that we displayed as ‘on sale’. If we put a message up that Monster Dogs were ½ off between 2 PM and 5 PM, we’d see sales double or triple. And once we got them in our store, they’d spend money on other food, snack or beverage items that weren’t on sale. Our average sales of ‘inside’ items to each in-store visitor were impacted significantly once the color sign went up. If we just put a message up that was relevant to the interstate traveller we were able to generate results.

The results of the new color high-rise sign were strong enough that we were able save money on other advertising. We not only stopped our nearby billboard advertising, but also found we could drop use of billboards 5-10 miles down the road. This saved us thousands of dollars a month.

YESCO’s color message center was so valuable, we relocated it to another location when we recently sold this truck stop.”

Dan Alsaker
Chief Executive Officer
Broadway Truck