Auto Dealers Subscription

The Auto Dealers Subscription is a template program that allows you to feature vehicles or service specials advertisements with outstanding quality and professional look.  Here is what is included in the subscription.

- 24 Hour Turnaround

We will get the requested advertisement completed and returned to you within a 24 hour business day. (excludes weekends and holidays)

- Featured Vehicle or Service Advertisements w/ Unlimited Text Change

Each month you are able to feature vehicle or service advertisements, based on the selected template, with the option to change incentives, prices, or information at anytime.

- Access to our Template Library

You will have access to our ever growing library of templates that you can choose from for your advertisements.

- Personalized Template

Upon request, we will generate a custom template for your auto dealership. (Five day turnaround for template generation; excludes weekends and holidays)

See how this process works in the video below:

How it works

After you have decided on using our service and gone through the sign up process.

1. You choose the template you would like to use for the month from the template library.

2. You provide five vehicles or service specials with incentives, prices, and information.

3. We create the advertisement with the provided material and information on the chosen template.

4. We send the advertisement back to you within 24 business hours.


Our dealership only uses still (static) advertisements, will this service work for us?
Yes, our templates have been built to function as animated or still advertisements. 

What can be changed on the template?
The color scheme and logos in the templates can be changed to work with your company or car brand.

What is a personalized template?
The personalized template is a template that is built from scratch or from existing template elements.

How long does it take to get started?
The signing up process takes on average around 48 hours. (excluding weekends and holidays)

How long will it take if I want a have personalized template for my advertisements? 
If  you require a personalized template as the template for the advertisements it will take 3-5 business days to design. Once the template has been approved the normal 24 hour turnaround policy is applied.  

How many advertisements can I have in a month?
The subscription comes with a base amount of five advertisements with the option to increase or decrease that amount. For pricing feel free to contact us for more information    

Will this service work for my sign?
In most cases yes, our templates are built to be tailored to the common 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios. If your sign has considerably different aspect ratio or you are not sure what your signs aspect ratio is, and are interested in the service, feel free to contact us for more information.

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