Getting your text to stand out

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There are three ways to say something on an LED sign.  You can use an image, for every image is worth a thousand words.  You could use an animation to show a product’s details.  Then there is always plain text.  It is important to know and understand how text works with LED signs to make your text stand out.  In this article we will explore a couple of ways you can get your text to be bold, and grab people’s attention.

The first thing you want to do when putting text on an LED sign is, think about what you are going to say.  If you have a sale on a car, for example, you probably want to put the price, the brand, and maybe the name of the car.  That is at least three lines of text. Now think about your sign.  Is it a long sign that really only has room for two lines of text?  If so, maybe you can still have all the text you need, but use animated text to get it all on the sign.  For example, let’s put the brand of the car on top, then the model and price can animate in below.

Not all LED signs are allowed to do animations, so let’s look at doing a still image.  If we only have room for two lines of text, maybe we can use an image for the car brand.  We can put a image of the car, or the logo up next to the text, and just have the brand or name and price.  Keeping the amount of text on the LED sign to a minimum is key to having an effective message that really stands out.

Another way to get text to stand out is to have contrasting colors.  Black background with white text is your basic contrast, but you can also use colors to add interest to your message.  Use the primary colors to get a good, strong, contrast.  Colors like red and green.  Blue and yellow.  Purple and orange.  You can also use brightness and darkness to contrast your color.  Use a dark blue with your yellow text, or a dark blue on a tan background.  If you still need more contrast, try adding a border/stroke around the text.  If you have a photo editing program like Paintshop Pro, or Photoshop, you can add a drop shadow.

These are just a few of the ways you can easily add contrast to your text, helping it stand out. Follow the links below to get more ideas and help in using the software.

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