Features & Benefits

Competitive Pricing

The real cost of an electronic display goes far beyond the purchase price.  Our state of the art automated manufacturing processes allow us to produce a quality product in Logan, Utah that is competitively priced with products manufactured anywhere in the world.  Instead of shipping individual modules that require laborious on-site installation, we build our displays in the largest possible pieces to ease on-site installation.  For instance, we build and ship 14’ x 48’ displays in one piece, so install can be completed in as little as a few hours.  Built to last, YESCO Electronics displays lead the industry in energy efficiency which provides savings for the life of the display and minimizes startup power costs.  Free software upgrades, freight billed with no mark-up, and industry leading warranties combined with  24/7/365 support make YESCO Electronics an outstanding value (see white paper “The Real Cost of a Digital Display Deployment”).


Building the world’s most recognizable displays in some of Mother Nature’s most unforgiving environments, YESCO Electronics displays have been proven by time. Our displays have held up to the punishing heat of Las Vegas and Phoenix summers, the brutal cold of Canadian winters, the constant rains of the Pacific Northwest, and the salty, steamy humidity of the Florida coast. Our experience is your assurance that we are building the most robust displays on the market, and your next display will be better than your last.  Our objective is the same as yours, displays that are operational for a long time.

Image Quality

Looking good is what it is all about and YESCO Electronics, time after time, has proven to be the best.  It starts with the quality of LEDs.  We narrowly specify our LED selections from only industry leading suppliers Nichia, Cree and Avago.  This narrow binning, combined with our In-Plant Whole-Sign Calibration process, In-Field Calibration Capability, Peek and Tweak feature, Made-in-the-U.S.A. Philosophy, and our Industry-Leading Contrast Ratio combine to create the best looking displays in the LED industry.

In-Plant Whole Sign Calibration
In addition to using only top-shelf diodes, our calibration methodology sets us apart.  We whole-sign calibrate our displays in our plant, ensuring overall brightness and color uniformity.  We can also calibrate to a customer-specified color gamut.  This assures flesh tones are correct and colors are true; regardless of video equipment used.

In-Field Calibration Capability
YESCO Electronics is the only screen manufacturer that has the equipment and training to completely recalibrate your screen on location.  This advanced process is your assurance that your display can be maintained at or restored to the industry’s highest quality image standards.

Peek and Tweak Feature
Over time, all LEDs eventually dim.  Should you need to replace a module during the life of the display, our Peek and Tweak feature provides the ability to easily adjust the brightness of a module to match the rest of the display.

Made in the U.S.A.
We are the only manufacturer to build all of our LED modules in the United States.   As such, we are able to maintain quality and calibration standards not possible when modules and displays are assembled overseas.

Industry-Leading Contrast Ratio
Our proprietary plastic designs ensure the industry’s best contrast ratio.  Being able to provide the darkest, black face (see white paper “The New Digital Display Face”) allows colors to ‘pop’, and helps images come alive.


Treating customers fairly and recognizing a long term business concern relies on long term customers.  This has has been the YESCO philosophy for more than 90 years.  YESCO Electronics is committed to customer success.  From initial concepts to installation and ongoing maintenance, we have the experience, talent and resources to exceed your needs for quality electronic displays.  We are actively involved with the International Sign Association (ISA) and Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) on code and legislative concerns, and were integral to the integration of the AMBER Alert system with digital displays.  Environmentally conscious, our displays are the most energy efficient available, having achieved California’s coveted Green Leaf Certification.  Even though our new displays are engineered to be the most durable and longest lasting, they are also designed to be 98% recyclable.  We care and it shows.