Digital Billboards

With over 2,000 Digital Outdoor displays built and installed since 2002, YESCO Electronics continues to be the leader in the Outdoor advertising market.  We are actively involved with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) on codes and legislative concerns, and were integral to the integration of the Amber Alerts system with digital Outdoor.  Our LED displays lead the industry in ease of installation, brightness, image clarity, contrast, energy efficiency, durability, and serviceability.  We proudly build and assemble each module and every display at our Logan, Utah production facility, which allows for quality control not possible when modules and displays are assembled overseas. Craftsmanship, ingenuity and expertise are the reason YESCO Electronics is the choice of the world’s most recognized brands. If you are serious about a profitable digital outdoor deployment, let us put our innovative skills to work for you.


We are a long time member of the OAAA